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Hey,I'm Sanjeev,a programming enthusiast.I'm a full stack web developer.I've also started working on machine learning.I'm passionate about learning new things,so I read blogs,articles and books too.I like to play football and computer games in my free time.

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My Projects

  • October 2018

    Movie Revenue Predictor

    Built a regression model for predicting movie revenue for the movies dataset from kaggle.The model is built using Keras API from TensorFlow.Also built the model using estimators from TensorFlow.

  • September 2018


    A weather application which will access your location and give weather details for your city.I've used Django for backend and HTML,CSS,javaScript and jQuery for frontend.Also used openweather and opencage API.

  • September 2018

    Optical Recognition of Handwritten Digits

    Built a neural network model from scratch to recognize handwritten digits.

  • February 2018

    Meeting Manager

    Meeting manager console application using python.

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